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Irish Examiner. I Took That…….

vIrish Examiner

Irish Examiner

A photograph I took, and an interview with me about it was featured in the Irish Examiners ‘I Took That…..’ section in their newspaper.


Photographer: Scott Barbour, Getty Images

What and where: “Predag Trajkvoc falls in the mud after swinging across the Piranha Pit as he competes in The Tough Bloke Challenge in Melbourne, Australia. The Tough Bloke Challenge is one of the most gruelling adventure runs in Australia, consisting of 18 obstacles over a 6 km cross-country course laden with thick mud pits and ice cold water crossings.”

Circumstances: “I came across this event on the internet and asked to cover it on behalf of Getty Images, as I was pretty confident that it would make for some good photographs. I normally cover professional sports for Getty Images, where you are limited in terms of the positions that you can stand in to take photos. It was great to cover an event where I could go where ever I wanted.

The Piranha Pit was one of the 18 obstacles. I photographed competitors swinging across the pit one by one for about 90 minutes. In that time only 3 people fell in. This was one of them.”
Equipment: “Canon EOS 1-D Mark IV camera. 16-35mm f2.8 Canon lens at 24mm,1/1000 second at f 4.0  with an  ISO: 3200.”

It works because: “The splatter of the mud looks great, however this really works because you know that, less than half a second later, the poor guy is going to be completely submerged in a pit of stinking mud! I sensed it was a pretty good picture straight away so, as he slowly picked himself up and emerged covered in mud, I asked if he would give me his name for the caption. He was only too keen to do so and I wonder if he now regrets that, after this photo has gone around the world!”






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