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Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

Spring in Melbourne brings the annual Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Having done a fair bit of horse racing over my time I quite enjoy covering these racing meetings.

A typical day of coverage consists of  photographing all things  horses and racing.

Winning horse crossing the finish line. Tick.

Horse and jockey celebrating/returning to the parade ring. Tick.

Headshot of winning jockey. Tick.

Trophy presentation. Tick.

After a while it can become a bit mundane. This year I covered a lot of the ‘”celebrities” in their special “celebrity” enclosure. Kelly Osbourne, Spice Girl Mel B, Liam Hemsworth and Carmen Electra were some to grace it with their presence. A very strange environment with lots of glamour, alcohol, people trying to rub shoulders with celebrities but no actual view of the horse racing itself. In fact you can go the whole day there and not even see a horse all day.

So after a full day of photographing this, I have found the best and most personally rewarding images can come at the end of the day. So after the lsat race has run, after I have finished shooting the newsworthy images of the day…the images the next days papers will hopefully be interested in I pack my gear in my car, take a single camera body and go for a wander. The car park is normally full of cars waiting in line all trying to leave at once so I chance my arm and spend an extra hour or two creating images for myself. And as anyone who has attended a race meeting will know, a lot of racegoers arrive looking a million dollars but leave….well,  after a full day in the sun of drinking, gambling…..and losing all their money they leave looking not quite a million dollars.






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